College Recruiting

The National Country Club High School Invitational is here to provide information pertaining to the collegiate recruiting process. One must first know important dates in the process.

  • Unofficial Visits to a school beginning September 1 of your junior year.
    • Except during dead periods, you may make an unlimited number of unofficial visits and speak with coaches and/or staff members of the athletic department during these visits. During these visits one is allowed to receive 3 complimentary tickets to a Division 1 home athletic contest.
  • Telephone Calls and Texts
    • You can call or text at your own expense. However, a college coach cannot call, text or return calls until September 1 of your junior year. Prior to this date, if you call a college coach and they answer the phone a conversation is allowed and any subject can be discussed.
  • Official Visits to a school beginning September 1 of your junior year
    • You may make only one official visit per college and up to a maximum of five visits to different universities.
  • Off-Campus Contact
    • Contact with coaches or representatives of a school are allowed starting July 1 after your junior year.

Parents Code of Conduct

It is extremely important for parents to clearly understand their limitations when watching their son or daughter compete in a tournament.

  • Advice influencing a playerʼs decision in determining their play, choice of club, or method of playing a stroke is strictly forbidden. Penalty for breach of this rule (Rule 8) is two strokes.
  • Cell phones are to be turned off when spectating on the course.
  • Spectator carts are not allowed except if the spectator has a permanent handicap placard with them.
  • Spectators should stay on the cart paths. In the absence of cart paths, one was stay in the rough.
  • Providing rulings is strictly forbidden.
  • Spectators are allowed to carry a playerʼs umbrella, drink, food and clothing.

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