Terms & Conditions

Dress Code – Players, parents & spectators must be properly attired in appropriate golf shirts, slacks, shirts or Bermuda-length tailored dress shorts. T-shirts, tank tops, jeans of any color or any type will not be permitted. Cargo pants or cargo shorts are not permitted. Shirts must be worn appropriately and tucked in at all times. Hat bills are to be worn forward at all times.

All tournament participants must have basic knowledge of the Rules of Golf. Copies of the rule book will be on hand for reference and will be provided to tournament participants if requested.

USGA Rules are in effect at all times, so disregard local rules on the scorecard, except rules that apply to natural habitat areas.

Golfer Etiquette – All Golf Courtesies are in effect.

Golfers carry their own bags. Pull carts are permitted.

All players between the ages of 15-18 may apply to play in the NCCHSI. A committee will determine which of those players meet our criteria. All decisions will be relayed to the player within seven days of their application.

Players are allowed one guest, (preferably parent/guardian) during play & at the awards

Players qualifying for the National Championship are eligible if they turn 19 after their qualifying event.

National Champions are not eligible to play in the Junior World if they turn 19 on or before the last day of the Junior World. In the event this was to occur, the runner-up would receive the bid into the Junior World.

Pace of Play – Players and groups should keep up with group in front of them. A warning will be issued for any slow play violation, 2nd warning will be followed by a 1 stroke penalty.

Players are allowed 2 minutes to look for a lost ball. If a player cannot locate their ball within that time frame, they may drop a ball in the fairway and incur a 1 stroke penalty.

Parental/Spectator Involvement – Communicating with players is prohibited could lead to a stroke penalty or disqualification.

Use of Cell Phone & Electronic Devices is prohibited – cell phones and all othervelectronic devices must be turned off during competition. Players abusing this policy
are subject to automatic disqualification.

Spectators must have their phones on silent mode at all times.

Code of Conduct – unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated.

Violations of the Code will result in one stroke for first offense of unsportsmanlike conduct and disqualification for a second offense.

Drugs, alcohol and tobacco products are prohibited.


Players of all ages are eligible to participate in the NCCHSI Regional events and if they qualify can advance to our championship finals. Only players between the ages of 15-18 may participate in the IMG Academy Junior Golf Championship.